Why do worksheets when you can play games?

CompoundIt! - The Chemistry Formula Word Game

"I'm being quoted to introduce something, but I have no idea what it is and I certainly don't endorse it." -- Randall Munroe, xkcd

"When questions stem from real curiosity, from trying to make something work, and especially to win a game, the learning sticks and is so much more fun!" -- Jackie Lee, You Really Can Homeschool

A new twist on a familiar mechanic

Play real chemical formulas on a crossword-style board

Chemically accurate

Tiles help students make the connection between electrons and compound formulas

An effective learning tool

Playing CompoundIt! is better than other strategies for teaching the rules for writing chemical formulas

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Playtester approved

  • “It’s so nice to see an educational game actually done right.”
  • “Your students are lucky!”
  • “If I were a teacher I’d even spend my own money on this.”
  • “Playing the game made me want to learn more about the chemicals I was making.”
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